Wednesday, August 5, 2009

நூறாவது பதிவு கண்ட கார்த்திக்காக


Ajay is waiting for Sheela in the third table of the coffee shop. But he is bit tensed as Sheela didn’t come on time as fixed. Ajay have already sent many text messages to her; alas there was no reply to any of his messages.

He sensed someone was watching him from somewhere; so he looked around. He was not able to find any clue. He thought that it might be Sheela but she don’t like to do like this.He looked @ his watch; the big needle seemed to be tired after finishing a round in his brand new OMEGA watch. He started watching videos in which Sheela was talking to him; which was taken during his birthday party……

“Hi dear ….. Love you so much……, what do you want sir?”

Ajay was taken back, he have watched this video so many times; such that he know all words that Sheela spoke during that night. But “what do you want sir?” is new to him. He got tensed and he couldn’t believe his ears.

How can this happen????

He was totally confused.

That too how can Sheela speak in male voice?

He pinched himself. It was true only.

Immediately he tired calling Sheela.

But then only he realized; it was the waiter who asked that question.By this time waiter was confused by the reactions that Ajay exhibited.

After few minutes he heard:“One Chinese truffle pastry and cappuccino”


By this time; his thoughts went back to time when he first meet Sheela at college.

“Hey; hello…..”


“Can you give me the notes that you took in the third hour?”

“Fluid mechanics?”


“Will you be able to understand my hand-writing? Because it will look horrible like my fate?"

“That and all I will mange”

“By the way what’s your name?”

“My name is Ajay Anand. Then…”




The barer now served the order items. After having a bite of truffle; Ajay started to stir cappuccino to mix the chocolate and milk. As he stirred the face of Sheela appeared in that and vanished within seconds; suddenly he felt somewhat guilty for no reason.

Now he again tried calling her mobile. This time network allowed him to hear the hello tune of Sheela. Some singer sang one song which Ajay didn’t like.After few seconds the singer stopped singing. Ajay thought of posting his successful love story in his blog.

Six years.

From college first year to till this date; to him it was journey of two hearts in the path laid by Adam and Eve.Technology helped them to stay connected.

From “ADD-ON” scheme to “CUG” scheme all had a role in the love story. Also YAHOO messenger, GOOGLE talk etc.Now there are economically independent and they are able to pay bills of various credit cards.

They worked at different companies.

Ajay lived with friends @ Tnagar in a rented house; while Sheela lived in relative’s home.Their families have accepted their love; so they waiting for their elder ones to get married.

Now Ajay is looking his watch. The time is 1947 hours.

Ajay have lost his patience after his 0ne and half hour wait for Sheela.

By this time his friend who accompanied him to coffee shop have left him and have went to movie in a near by theatre. This was not new to Ajay; he has been used to it.Today he got tired after three phone calls and two coffees.

Room keys were with him; his friend also had one. Then he got a call from his boss.



“How s the weekend man”

“Not interesting”

“No girls…..”

“Somewhat. Anyways what’s the matter?”

"Client meeting"

“Ya ya…. I do remember.”

“Have you prepared for it”

“Yes sir.”

“Then ok. The meeting is being scheduled at 1100 hours. So be on time.”


“How are the preparations going on for the presentation?”

“Don’t worry. Everything is fine”

After speaking to the boss only Ajay realized that he has not completed the Windows PowerPoint works.

He scratched his nose.

He was feeling little feverish.

He then dialed Sheela’s friend who is residing @ outskirts of the city.


A extension area which seemed to have no growth. The area will give a resemblance of forest.

Full of tress



“Meeting has being scheduled @ 1100 hours. I have done my work. What about you?”

“Is the client is from Japan?”

“Ya; I think so. Why do you worry about that?”

“They more concentrate on quality, not on papers. So it’s you who have to worry; not me.”

“Ok. Did Sheela come there?”

“Ya. But she left three hours ago.”

“Ok. But she is not yet reached here”

“I have no clue”

“Ok. Let’s see tomorrow in office. Have a sweet night.”

“Ok. Good night.”

Then Ajay looked into his Omega for knowing the position of the needles. It was getting late. Then he searched for his BLACKBERRY; he decided to call Sheela but instead of calling he typed a text message to her:

“….. tutty cuttie. waited hre 4 u 4 a lng time. Am leaving. U go to ur room. Tke care. Gd nght….”

Then he started towards to his room by starting the ignition process of his PULSAR 180cc. The rhythmic flow of the engine made his drive smooth and lonely road at that time also added value to the rhythmic flow.

He only had three more installments to make PULSAR as his own bike. He didn’t worry about the blackberry since it was his official mobile and his personal mobile was sleeping in his room.

Now he is thinking about his white cherry Sheela.

He reached his place.

He parked his bike in its lot.

He opened his room in the fourth floor.

He felt somewhat tired; he had some hot water and started doing report work for the tomorrow’s meeting. He sensed something unusual in the room.

He looked in the watch; it has stopped its function @ 2100 hours itself.

He was confused, how can it happen. He had bought the watch only weeks ago. He checked carefully and he was not able find out the fault. He decided to check it out with the service centre .

His body temperature was increasing and so he closed the system. He went to sleep after taking CROCIN.

Suddenly a dark creature was chasing him in a brown horse, he didn’t know where he was?

The place seemed to be like a desert.

“How I came here??”

“Why is that creature chasing me?”

He asked himself.

The creature was nearing him.He was sweating badly.His breathes were fast.

Heart started too bound fast...Everything was odd.

Something made him fall in the sand.

His nerves were tending to burst.His heart seemed to stop its function.

From the horse the creature jumped on him.

Suddenly he got up; he was in his room only. He saw his friend lying in his coat by his side. He saw his watch it showed o645 hours.

He looked around his room; everything seemed to be neatly arranged.

Then he slowly went to lavatory. He was tired.He came out and opened the door; took the Newspaper which was lying abandoned in the floor.He slowly came in and locked the room.

He sat in the sofa to take a quick look into the day’s headlines and so called headlines.He kept the paper in the table as usual without reading and went to prepare coffee with the kettles which he had .

When he was in kitchen he heard a beep sound; a message was waiting for his view in his mobile.

He went and took the mobile.

He read the message.

He smiled.

In right corner of the newspaper “…. a young woman was found dead in the bushes of Subramaniapuram. It seems that murderer rapped her before killing. The medical report says that murder may be occurred around 2100 hours last night. Her identity cannot be found……..”

Which he did not read that day .

(இது நான் ஏற்கனவே எழுதின கதை தான். நாம "வானவில் வீதி" கார்த்திக் நூறு பதிவு போட்டுட்டார். அவருக்கு ரொம்ப பிடித்த கதை இது என்று நேத்து கூறினார். அதனால் மீள் பதிவாக போட்டு இருக்கிறேன். கதை பல டைமென்ஷன் ல போகுமுங்க)


நட்புடன் ஜமால் said...

தலைப்புக்கும் கதைக்கும் என்னா ...

ஒன்னும் விளங்கயில்லைப்பா

நட்புடன் ஜமால் said...

he seems to be 'tired'

is that he ???

வால்பையன் said...

ஒரே பீட்டரா இருக்கே!

தேவன் மாயம் said...

மேவி!! கார்த்திக்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

தேவன் மாயம் said...

மேவி ஆங்கிலப் பதிவிட்டதற்கும் வாழ்த்துக்கள்!

தாரணி பிரியா said...

present mayvee :)

Karthik said...

haiyo, thala romba nanri. aana thalaippu thaan payama iruku.

kathai sema!!! :)

Karthik said...

@devan mayam

thanks to you too. :)

நட்புடன் ஜமால் said...


எங்கப்பா அந்த தெருக்குறள் ...

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